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Honey Malcom Winery
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 6 reviews
 by Cristen Marceau
Pinot Grigio

I have known the winemaker for years, this is one of the best yet and a great way to launch the brand.

 by Tara Reynolds
Pinot Grigio!

I had the chance to try the Pinot Grigio at an event in Bremerton and it was fantastic! I even got a bottle to share with friends later!

 by Nigel Neaves
Worth the wait

We’ve been watching and waiting for Dennis’s first batch of wine to come out since he first told us he was starting a winery. It was such a treat to get our first two bottles for thanksgiving. The wine went great with everything we ate at dinner. So much love and care went into this wine company and it shows in the final product

 by Jennifer Smith
Christmas delight

I recently received two bottles of Pinot Grigio from Honey Malcom Winery as a Christmas gift. Initially, we thought one bottle would suffice, but the exceptional taste led us to open the second. The wine, with its fun and fruity flavor, struck the perfect balance—refreshing without being overly sweet. Paired perfectly with our white lasagna dinner, it added an enjoyable touch to our celebration. A memorable addition to our festive gathering. Cheers to Honey Malcom Winery!

 by Kacy Conley
Family Celebration

We purchased this wine and had it shipped to our home because this family supports other local small businesses and they get their grapes from Yakima Valley. We look forward to sampling their next showcase wine when it’s ready. My family and I enjoyed it at our table during Christmas dinner and we hope you enjoy it at yours! "Let us pour a glass of wine and toast to bread, for without bread there would be no fruit of the vine.” Cheers -KC-

 by Carolyn Schuster
Lovely Pinto Grigio!

We decided to try the Pinot Grigio at a family dinner and it was a hit. A perfect paring with our food! From Costco's mac n cheese to our daughters famous seafood chowder, it was a joy to drink alongside all the family comfort foods that marked our special day together. Easy to drink, the Pinot Grgio sailed smoothly into dessert. We arent wine experts but wine enjoyers, and this one was great!